Role Modelling

Distribute leadership from enterprise- to team-level and become self-aware

Master the Art of Business Agility

Learn. Transform. Thrive.

Transformational leadership programme

Lead with Agility

Learn and practise how to shift from a hierarchical leadership system towards a human leadership system based on trust.
Explore team dynamics, key people motivators, human biases and different perspectives so as to let others shine.
Master how to distribute leadership and empower people from enterprise- to team-level and beyond.
Develop your personal leadership journey based on your purpose, values and principles.
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Lead with Agility

Leadership gaps and challenges

Lack of adaptive leadership

We are stuck in our ways and lack the leadership to become an adaptive and thriving organisation

No clear view on leadership

Our leaders have no clear view on what leadership is and what is expected of leadership in our aspired Agile organisation

Lack of transformational skills and capabilties

We lack the skills and capabilities to help guide our people successfully through a Business Agile Transformation

Unable to empower teams

There is a lack of understanding on how to successfully distribute leadership and empower high-performing teams

Facing similar challenges?

Then this is the right place for you!

Transformational leadership programme

Programme overview

  • Modular programme
  • Video based tutorials
  • Experiential Learning
  • Self-study
  • Bi-weekly virtual live support sessions
  • eBooks, incl. assignments
  • Workbook and assessments
  • 24/7 programme availability
  • Community access
  • All programme materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 12-month programme access
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Who is it for?
  • Enterprises and SMBs looking to thrive through a people-centric transformation
  • Leaders and managers
  • Transformation Team Leads and teams (change agents)
  • HR, People & Culture executives and teams
So what is included and what will you be focusing on?
In Business Agile organisations, leadership gets a different meaning and is no longer manifested via the hierarchical line. Therefore our Role Modelling programme dives into the changing role of leadership and distribution of leadership to facilitate self-organisation. Learn to understand different worldviews, how to set the example and be conscious about behaviour you would like to see, how you show this yourself and how others perceive your behaviour.

This programme is designed around 6 distinct modules and includes bi-weekly virtual live support sessions to help you stay on track:

1. welcome
Before diving straight in, let's first introduce you to TwinxterAcademy, our community and your learning materials.

2. Prepare your journey
Understand why and how to set up a Transformation Team, what it should look like, the several roles in this team and how to organise yourself during this programme.

3. The transition to leadership
Dive into the distribution of leadership, transformational leadership and Aligned Autonomy. Explore values and principles that help you track your Leadership Journey.

4. Leadership on team level
Learn about different perspectives, key motivators and letting people shine. Explore mental models, biases, team dynamics and unconscious thought patterns.

5. Leading yourself
Explore your personal purpose, your personal brand and your WHY. It’s not about what you do, but who you are and want to be. This module is all about YOU.

6. In closure
Before finishing, it's time for some reflection, feedback and finalising any open ends.

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Be the Role Model and transformative leader you aspire to be, so as to empower others and help them to shine

Empower your teams

Learning outcomes

This programme's Learning Journey helps you to explore and develop the skills and capabilities you need to Lead with Agility and create an empowered organisation, based on distributed and transformative leadership.

 Lead with Agility

Understand what Leading with Agility means on an organisational level and be able to translate this to your own company.

"We finally understand what it takes to lead an Agile organisation."

 A human system

Understand why transformation is needed for Agility and how to think of your organisation as a human system.

"We have successfully made the transition to a people-centric organisation."

 Agile philisophy

Understand and practise the philosophy behind Agile and the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Values and Principles, and Agile People Principles.

"I profoundly understand the Agile Values and Principles and can work accordingly."

 Leadership principles

Design, define and commit leadership principles on an organisational level in co-creation with employees and identify areas for improvement.

"We now have a clear vision of our aspired leadership with principles that guide us on our journey."

 Human leadership

Learn and practise how to make the shift from a hierarchical and controlling leadership system towards a human leadership system based on trust.

"It is clear why we have to leave our old ways behind and embrace the new."

 Distribution of leadership

Elevate organisational capabilities and improve leadership effectiveness and distribution.

"Now I am able to empower my teams and give them the space and information  to collaborate effectively."

 Role of leadership

Understand the role of leaders as agents of transformation, and practise behaviours and mindsets that increase Agility.

"I understand my role and how to act on expected behaviour in the new organisation."

 Leadership styles

Relate different approaches to influence and power dynamics to different leadership styles and identify areas for personal growth and development.

"I can now apply different leaderships styles to changing circumstances."

 Your leadership journey

Understand and develop your personal Leadership Journey based on your purpose, values and principles so as to be able to help others develop.

"Understanding my personal purpose has been a life-changing experience."

Discover how to let others shine

Why our students love this programme

Very professional tutorial videos and lots of interactions that help you in the journey of finding your Purpose. Highly recommended for those of you who want to start this journey.
fill you with energy as you get to work.” 
What a joy it is to be guided through the different modules on the way to your Purpose. It's a pleasure to read, view and listen to all the materials, with lots of practical tips and positive encouragement, which fill you with energy as you get to work.” 
Thanks so much for your insights, inspiration and valuable guidelines in this online learning programme. We can and will use them straight away in our transformation programme. Highly appreciated and can’t wait for the rest!

Become your aspired role model


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Our programmes are designed to help you drive your own people-centric, in-company transformations. All our programme(s) focus on our unique methodology of the People Journey Circle (scroll down for more details).

Proven methodology

The People Journey Circle© methodology has been forged over 10 years of experimenting and improving. This unique and people-centered approach caters for any Business Agile Transformation you aspire to. 

Your own case

Our acclaimed and practical programmes are designed in such a way that students can work on their own cases and put, what is learnt, immediately into practice in their own organisation. 

Fitting learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of each programme are designed around what matters most to you and your organisation: a sustainable future for all your employees and customers alike.

Cost effective 

Training programmes should not just cost you money, they should also deliver value in return. Our programmes will enable you to drive your in-company transformation. Thus, saving time and money on expensive projects.

Save time

Whether you are looking for a cohort-based programme or a programme based on selfstudy complimented by virtual live support sessions, at TwinxterAcademy we offer the best of both worlds, so you can spend your time as best as you see fit.

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