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Our Heritage

We believe everyone wants to grow towards a happy and sustainable future for themselves and for the people around them. However, that does not happen overnight and it requires a lot of effort.

On your journey to the future of work we want to inspire you, people and organisations to see things in a different way. Together we explore new ways of working and thinking so you dare to lead and are prepared for an unpredictable future. 

We want to help you to create energy and flow, to co-create a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short, a great place to work at: open and transparent, that will enable you to stay relevant and add value to your customers.

Purpose Driven People

The cornerstone of our programmes. It teaches you to drive your own, in-company Business Agile Transformation.

People Journey Circle

Our unique and people centered methodology caters for any Business Agile Transformation you might aspire to.

People Centricity

To be successful in your Transformation Journey, change from the heart of your organisation - Employees & Customers - is key. 

We are committed to creating and continuously improving our learning methods and are dedicated to promoting awareness and knowledge about Business Agility for all.

Thrive through
People-centric Transformations

Meet your trainers

Our certified trainers will continuously challenge you during your programme.
 will take you down new paths, to new frontiers and leave no stone unturned,
to help you become that cutting-edge Transformation Expert.
Alize Hofmeester

As a passionate People & Change Executive, Alize helps organisations to stay relevant to their customers, by reshaping their future way of working and facilitating a fresh mindset that leads to companywide flow and Business Agility.  

Alize is considered a true visionary and thought-leader in the field of Business Agile Transformations, especially for large, international organisations. 

She has a truly unique insight in how to introduce and transform companies into becoming successful and sustainable Business-Agility entities. By putting people in the centre of her methodology and thus unlocking the infinite human potential within an organisation, she is able to ignite new ways of working and thinking in large and complex organisations. 

After a successful career in banking, management consulting, healthcare and recruitment Alize started a new chapter as co-founder of Twinxter, TwinxterAcademy, co-creator of the People Journey Circle©, the Business Agility Scan© and author of Purpose Driven People.

In this capacity she actively advises C-suite leaders and transformation leads/teams how to reshape company structures and trains them on mindset, leadership and the people side of change.

She is a frequently asked and internationally recognised, influential keynote speaker and active member of several global communities and is an ICAgile certified trainer.
Rishita Jones

Rishita has more than 20 years experience in HR as a Strategic Business Partner, and has spent the past few years working as a Transformation and Change Specialist, focused on creating democratic workplaces with a people focused strategy based on trust, transparency and autonomy. 

Recognised as one of the top global HR influencers, Rishita is an HR Futurist and passionate about People, Change and Innovation. Her approach is playful and progressive, disrupting the status quo to help build people centred HR practices using agile HR, Design Thinking and Technology to enrich and uplift the Human Experience in the workplace.

Rishita is a co-author and contributor of several books on the future of HR and a sought-after HR Transformation Consultant across a multitude of sectors and organisations in EMEA and beyond.

In addition to holding a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Human Resources, she is  an accredited agile HR and agile leadership practitioner and a certified PROSCI change management practitioner.

The Art of Business Agility

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