Masterclass Obeya fundamentals

20 June 2024
13:00 CET

Execute on purpose, driven by data!

Craft your own open, and visual space, where purpose meets strategy and execution

live session
5 hrs. virtual live and follow-up support. Discover the essentials of a data-driven leadership system
time & Effort
5 hr. virtual live session
1 hr. follow-up Q&A
±2 hrs. self-study
Pass the exam
1 Live session and a follow-up session with our top tutors to help you execute on purpose.
Free access to our community and meet your fellow students.
A workbook to meet your goals and fulfill your purpose.
- Obeya Fundamentals certification by Obeya Association
- TwinxterAcademy 

Who is it for?

Business leaders, executives and change professionals looking to:

  • Get inspired to create a leadership system of trust, driven by data
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity and performance
  • Create a meaningful company where people are included and aligned the company strategy & purpose
  • Enable people-centric and data-driven execution of the strategy

"TwinxterAcademy made learning the Obeya fundamentals straightforward and fun, exactly as it should be!"

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Build a Governance of Trust

Programme overview

  • Obeya fundamentals
  • 5 hrs. virtual live
  • ±2 hrs. self-study
  • eBook, incl. assignments
  • Workbook &  video tutorials 
  • Community access
  • All programme materials
  • Obeya Fundamentals certificate
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 12-month programme access
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We were struggling to get a consistent view of work in progress, and, more importantly, how that work fulfilled our strategy. TwinxterAcademy made learning the Obeya fundamentals straightforward and fun, exactly as it should be! We've immediately applied our learnings and started building our first Obeya. Thank you Alize!

Damian Watson
Agile Business Consortium

So what is included and what will you be focusing on?
This programme is recommended for anyone seeking to understand the essential principles and set-up of Obeya. Even if it is not your goal to become an Obeya practitioner yourself. 

The Obeya is an extremely valuable tool. Understanding the fundamentals will skyrocket your transformation skills and capabilities towards Business Agility and beyond. It helps you to improve the dialogue, raise people interaction, understand when you are successful, drive performance, better decision making and above all to create a Governance of Trust and become adaptive to change.

1. welcome
Introduction and define learning objectives and expectations

2. Get insights of what the Obeya is
The  philosophy of Obeya, the differences between traditional management and working with Obeya, and benefits of using the Obeya in transformation.

3. The why of Obeya
What can Obeya help to solve and why is that important for your organisation and leadership system.

4. Governance of Trust
The Obeya principles & focus scan, how to shift your current leadership system to a Governance of Trust, and definition of success

5. The Obeya
Based on your company's specific purpose, design your own and unique Obeya's walls, and understand The Obeya roles and rhythm

6. In closure
Before finishing, it's time for celebration, reflection, feedback and finalising all open ends, like the Obeya Fundamental Certification.

Learn. Transform. Thrive.

Learning outcomes

This programme's Learning Journey helps you to explore the Obeya and understand which skills and capabilities you need for building a Governance of Trust, based on visual management like the Obeya and transparency.

 The WHY, WHAT, and HOW of the Obeya

Understand the WHY and  philosophy behind the Obeya and get deep insights in the the 11 Obeya principles.

"Now I know what to expect and how to overcome these transformation challenges."

 Establish a Government of Trust

Assess your current leadership system and understand what has to be improved to create a transparent, inclusive networking system, based on co-creation, aligned autonomy and trust.

"This will help my organisation to become transparent and a place where people want to work."

 Use of visual management

Understand visual management, like the Obeya, and build capabilities to co-create a visual and transparent overview of the work that matters to customers and stakeholders.

"Visual management helps us to have the right dialogue and execute our purpose and strategy."

  Obeya roles and rhythm

Get insights in the Obeya roles and understand how to set up a company-wide rhythm to execute on strategy and be able to respond to business-changing needs. 

"Since we established our own rhythms, we solve problems faster and can really work in an iterative way of working."

 Definition of success

Understand how to measure and visualise transformation progress and/or organisational goals.

"Using the right metrics enables us to align our entire company around our connected goals and priorities."

Execute on purpose. Driven by data!

Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet your host

Alize Hofmeester

As a passionate People & Change Executive, Alize helps organisations to stay relevant to their customers, by reshaping their future way of working and facilitating a fresh mindset that leads to company-wide flow and Business Agility. Alize is considered a true visionary and thought-leader in the field of Business Agile Transformations, especially for large, international organisations. 
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Visual management and Obeya

Why our students love our programmes

We were struggling to get a consistent view of work in progress, and, more importantly, how that work fulfilled our strategy. We therefore engaged Twinxter to get us up and running with Obeya. TwinxterAcademy made learning the Obeya fundamentals straightforward and fun, exactly as it should be! We've immediately applied our learnings and started building our first Obeya. Thank you Alize!
What a joy it is to be guided through the different modules on the way to your Purpose. It's a pleasure to read, view and listen to all the materials, with lots of practical tips and positive encouragement, which ensures that you get to work with energy. 
Thanks so much for your insights, inspiration and valuable guidelines in this online learning programme. We can and will use them straight away in our transformation programme. Highly appreciated and can’t wait for the rest!

Create a company-wide rhythm


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