Identifying Constraints

Execute on purpose and
build a Governance of Trust

Master the Art of Business Agility

Learn. Transform. Thrive.

trailblazing visual management programme

Move from control to self-organisation

Drive transparency and company-wide engagement through visual management, like Big Room planning and Obeya.
Deal with The Agility Paradox and understand how to overcome existing and new challenges along the way
Build a Governance of Trust and become a transparent organisation where people feel safe and valued, and love to work.
Set-up company-wide rhythms so you can execute on strategy and deal with any coming business challenges.
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Adapt fast and flexible

Organisational gaps and challenges

Slow to adapt

Time-to-market is slow and the company's ability to adapt is held back by internal constraining processes 

Not able to prioritise

A leadership system based on hierarchy and silos, sets priorities rather on emotions than facts, resulting in disengagement

Lack of transparency

Leadership and teams have no company-wide overview of what is being worked on & why, hence being blindsided and misaligned

No clear HOW

No understanding and capabilities of HOW to execute on the company's purpose, values and principles

Facing similar challenges?

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Build a Governance of Trust

Programme overview

  • Modular programme
  • Video based tutorials
  • Self-study
  • Bi-weekly virtual live support sessions
  • eBooks, incl. assignments
  • Workbook and assessments
  • 24/7 programme availability
  • Community access
  • All programme materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 12-month programme access
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Who is it for?
  • Enterprises and SMBs looking to thrive through a people-centric transformation
  • Leaders and managers
  • Transformation Team Leads and teams (change agents)
  • HR, People & Culture executives and teams
So what is included and what will you be focusing on?
During the transformation to Business Agility, we solve existing problems and discover new ones along the way. In the Identifying Constraints programme you’ll therefore learn to deal with the so-called agility paradox. Identify constraining processes and adjust them to the new situation. Next to this, you’ll dive into big room planning an visual management, like the Obeya and how to execute on your purpose. Learn how to organise steady work rhythms, Quarterly Business Reviews and create a Governance of Trust.

This programme is designed around 6 distinct modules and includes bi-weekly virtual live support sessions to help you stay on track:

1. welcome
Before diving straight in, let's first introduce you to TwinxterAcademy, our community and your learning materials.

2. Prepare your journey
Understand why and how to set up a Transformation Team, what it should look like, the several roles in this team and how to organise yourself during this programme.

3. The Agility Paradox
Deal with the agility paradox, understand and how to fix constraints. Co-create, design and demo lean processes, accordance to your company's values and principles

4. Governance of Trust
Learn how to work with OKRs, how to prioritise, and work on what really matters. Understand the principles of visual management like the Obeya and how to shift your current leadership system to a Governance of Trust.

5. The Obeya
Experiment, learn and improve building your own and unique Obeya's Strategy-, Deliver value-, Performance-, and Improvements walls. All based on your company's specific case, purpose and new rhythm.

6. In closure
Before finishing, it's time for some reflection, feedback and finalising all open ends.

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Build a Governance of Trust and become a transparent organisation where people feel safe and valued, and love to work.

Execute on purpose

Learning outcomes

This programme's Learning Journey helps you to explore and build the skills and capabilities you need to overcome any future challenges your company might face by building a Governance of Trust based on visual management and transparency.

 Deal with The Agility Paradox

Understand the Agility contradiction in Agile organisations and recognise so-called wicked problems in the face of constant change or unprecedented challenges.

"Now I know what to expect and how to overcome these transformation challenges."

 Establish a Government of Trust

Assess your current leadership system and understand what has to be improved to create a transparent, inclusive networking system, based on co-creation, aligned autonomy and trust.

"This will help my organisation to become transparent and a place where people want to work."

 Use of visual management

Understand visual management, i.e. big room planning or Obeya, and build capabilities to co-create a visual and transparent overview of the work that matters to customers and stakeholders.

"Visual management helps us to have the right dialogue and execute our purpose and strategy."

 Overcome constraining processes

Practise how to identify constraining processes and what to do to simplify them, make them more lean and reduce handovers.

"We are now finally able to overcome long-standing impediments and make rapid progress."

 Establish company-wide rhythm and prioritse work

Understand how to set up a company-wide rhythm to execute on strategy and be able to respond to business-changing needs. Learn and experiment with different ways of prioritising work.

"Since we established our own rhythms, we solve problems faster and can really work in an iterative way of working."

  Use the right metrics to build alignment

Learn how OKRs vs. KPIs, help create company-wide alignment and an iterative way of working. Understand how to measure and visualise transformation progress and/or organisational goals.

"Using the right metrics enables us to align our entire company around our connected goals and priorities."

Visual management and Obeya

Why our students love this programme

Very professional tutorial videos and lots of interactions that help you in the journey of finding your Purpose. Highly recommended for those of you who want to start this journey.
What a joy it is to be guided through the different modules on the way to your Purpose. It's a pleasure to read, view and listen to all the materials, with lots of practical tips and positive encouragement, which ensures that you get to work with energy. 
Thanks so much for your insights, inspiration and valuable guidelines in this online learning programme. We can and will use them straight away in our transformation programme. Highly appreciated and can’t wait for the rest!

Create a company-wide rhythm


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Our programmes are designed to help you drive your own people-centric, in-company transformations. All our programme(s) focus on our unique methodology of the People Journey Circle (scroll down for more details).

Proven methodology

The People Journey Circle© methodology has been forged over 10 years of experimenting and improving. This unique and people-centered approach caters for any Business Agile Transformation you aspire to. 

Your own case

Our acclaimed and practical programmes are designed in such a way that students can work on their own cases and put, what is learnt, immediately into practice in their own organisation. 

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The learning outcomes of each programme are designed around what matters most to you and your organisation: a sustainable future for all your employees and customers alike.

Cost effective 

Training programmes should not just cost you money, they should also deliver value in return. Our programmes will enable you to drive your in-company transformation. Thus, saving time and money on expensive projects.

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Whether you are looking for a cohort-based programme or a programme based on selfstudy complimented by virtual live support sessions, at TwinxterAcademy we offer the best of both worlds, so you can spend your time as best as you see fit.

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