Community Building

Shape high-performing teams with the Collective Intelligence of the crowd

Master the Art of Business Agility

Learn. Transform. Thrive.

Cutting-edge Collective Intelligence programme

Unleash the collective power of your people 

Immerse yourself in the world of Collective- and Swarm Intelligence, and how they can help you to organically change your transformation.
Create high-performing, smart teams, and understand mental models, group thinking and the echo chambers’ phenomenon and how to overcome them.
Experiment with lateral thinking, create an engaging, smart environment and start to set a bottom-up example to successfully involve people in the transformation
Experience the power of communities, the WHY behind the importance of growing your tribe and building the foundation of your own community.
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Build high-performing teams

Organisational gaps and challenges

Classic top-down organisational structure

We are still organised hierarchically, preventing us from becoming a high-performing and adaptive network organisation

Departments and teams work in silos

Echo chambers and siloed thinking block us from collectively working together as one where we can build flow and speed

Low employee engagement

Our old structures and mindset result in low involvement from our employees in our organisation and/or transformation

Absence of tribes and communities

We lack a common, shared platform to rapidly share ideas, knowledge and information to learn from each other

Facing similar challenges?

Then this is the right place for you!

Unleash the power of your people

Programme overview

  • Modular programme
  • Video-based tutorials
  • Self-study
  • Bi-weekly virtual live support sessions
  • eBooks, incl. assignments
  • Workbook and assessments
  • 24/7 programme availability
  • Community access
  • All programme materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 12-month programme access
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Who is it for?
  • Enterprises and SMBs looking to thrive through a people-centric transformation
  • Leaders and managers
  • Transformation Team Leads and Transformation Teams
  • HR, People & Culture executives and teams
  • Change agents
So what is included and what will you be focusing on?
We all recognise that the group knows more than the smartest individual. Our Community Building programme is all about unleashing the power of the Collective Intelligence in your organisation. Learn from nature, what this has to do with Agility and how to build powerful communities in your organisation. Step out of your silos, overcome internal barriers and learn to organically change your transformation.

This programme is designed around 6 distinct modules and includes bi-weekly virtual live support sessions to help you stay on track:

1. welcome
Before diving straight in, we start by introducing you to TwinxterAcademy, our community and your learning materials.

2. Prepare your journey
Understand why and how to set up a Transformation Team, what it should look like, the several roles in this team and how to organise yourself during this programme.

3. Collective Intelligence
Dive into the four key factors for creating smart groups, the world of Collective- and Swarm Intelligence (and how to benefit from it) and the influence of mental models on group thinking and the phenomenon of echo chambers, and how to overcome them.

4. Building communities
Experience the power of communities, the WHY behind the importance of growing your tribe and building the foundation of your own community, and how this can all help you to organically change your transformation.

5. Collective Intelligence in Agile environments
Experiment with lateral thinking; create an engaging, smart environment by activating your community of eager ambassadors; and start to set a bottom-up example by creating your aspired environment that everyone wants to join.

6. In closure
Before finishing, it’s time for some reflection, feedback and finalising any open ends.

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Build up the speed and flow of your transformation organically, with the help of the Collective Intelligence of the crowd. 

Experience the power of communities

Learning outcomes

This programme’s Learning Journey helps you to explore and develop the skills and capabilities you need to design company-wide high-performing, smart teams with the help of everybody in your organisation.

 Collective Intelligence

Gain a profound understanding of what Collective Intelligence means, where it comes from and what its benefits are.

"Now I know how to wield the combined forces of the people in my organisation."

 High-performing teams

Design your high-performing environment – one with fundamental egalitarian norms and rules of engagement – which the people in your organisation feel happy working in.

"Creating  this environment together, immediately increased the engagement."

 Develop lateral thinking

Gain the capabilities to implement and adapt lateral thinking and make the shift from individual intelligence towards Collective Intelligence.

"Using lateral thinking has propelled us forward in our ability to scale high-performing teams."

 Community strategy

Define a community strategy and execution plan, explore communities, and how your organisation can benefit form that.

"Together we have created a vibrant community to exchange knowledge, information and valuable learnings."

 Learn from nature

Understand lessons of nature, learn from Swarm iItelligence, and where and how to adapt this in your organisation.

“It’s amazing how the murmurations of starlings has altered our thinking."

 Transform current system

Understand your current system and create a transformation approach by using the Collective Intelligence of the crowd in your organisation.

"Our transformation became much easier once we understood where we, as a collective, came from."

Overcome echo-chambers and siloed thinking

Why our students love this programme

Very professional tutorial videos and lots of interactions that help you in the journey of finding your Purpose. Highly recommended for those of you who want to start this journey.
What a joy it is to be guided through the different modules on the way to your Purpose. It's a pleasure to read, view and listen to all the materials, with lots of practical tips and positive encouragement, which ensures that you get to work with energy. 
Thanks so much for your insights, inspiration and valuable guidelines in this online learning programme. We can and will use them straight away in our transformation programme. Highly appreciated and can’t wait for the rest!

Boost employee engagement 


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Grow your tribe

Why should you choose 
TwinxterAcademy ?


Our programmes are designed to help you drive your own people-centric, in-company transformations. All our programme(s) focus on our unique methodology of the People Journey Circle (scroll down for more details).

Proven methodology

The People Journey Circle© methodology has been forged over 10 years of experimenting and improving. This unique and people-centered approach caters for any Business Agile Transformation you aspire to. 

Your own case

Our acclaimed and practical programmes are designed in such a way that students can work on their own cases and put, what is learnt, immediately into practice in their own organisation. 

Fitting learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of each programme are designed around what matters most to you and your organisation: a sustainable future for all your employees and customers alike.

Cost effective 

Training programmes should not just cost you money, they should also deliver value in return. Our programmes will enable you to drive your in-company transformation. Thus, saving time and money on expensive projects.

Save time

Whether you are looking for a cohort-based programme or a programme based on selfstudy complimented by virtual live support sessions, at TwinxterAcademy we offer the best of both worlds, so you can spend your time as best as you see fit.

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